InstructorKatie Godfrey
TypeOnsite Course
DateMar 27, 2017 - Feb 27, 2017
Time10:00 AM
PlaceSKYN Institute
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KG Super Volume Lash Extension Training

Society always wants more, so give it to them! Be the first to learn this new technique. It will be great for those clients who need super/extra volume for TV, Photoshoots, or just because they prefer a much fuller look. Note: Does not damage the natural lashes


•Observing lash market. Picking the right type of lashes for super volume extension
•Mathematical formula proving that super volume lash extension up to 16D does not harming natural lash
•Proper lengths and thicknesses for super volume
•Setting the lash direction with Russian queen super volume: placing lashes with the right angle in order to open the eye
•Creating the fans for super volume: how to make it quick by mixing the methods
•Observing tweezers for super volume. Personal preferences (+ video)
•Working with inner and outer corner and baby lashes
•Applying the lashes: building the skeleton to achieve the perfect symmetry
•Twin pin technique for super volume
•Working with glue in order to avoid “closing” the fan
•Stylization: 8 lash extension effects
•Changing the eye shape and eye position with super volume
•Creating the perfect top lash line
•Mixing different curls
•Zone of curl’s transition
•Practicing with a model

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