InstructorKatie Godfrey
TypeOnsite Course
DateMar 26, 2017 - Mar 26, 2017
Time10:00 AM
PlaceSKYN Institute
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Volume lash extension essentials and the latest techniques (2-5D)

•Info about the natural lashes
•About the “harm” to the natural lash with volume extension
•Observing the lashes: curls, lengths, thicknesses, colors
•Proper lengths and thicknesses for volume extension: how to pick the right artificial lashes
•Setting the lash direction: placing lashes with the right angle
•Hands position: how to accelerate the speed of lashing
•Golden points of lash extension: area of adhesion, adhesive joints, distance between the eyelid and the fan, right lash placement
•Different methods of creating the volume fan. How does the perfect fan look like and how to make it quick
•How to pick the right tweezers
•Working with glue in order to avoid “closing” the fan
•Working with inner and outer corner and baby lashes
•Applying the lashes: building the skeleton to achieve the perfect symmetry
•Creating the perfect top lash line
•Speaking about touch-ups: 4 reasons and ways to convince your clients to do the new full set
•Lash “prosthesis”: how to deal with big gaps between natural lashes
•Practice: 40-60 mins to form the fans and apply it on a cotton pad
•Practice: work with a model, applying the full set

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